Proficient Yoga Studio Management Software

Provide peace of mind to your customers outside the yoga studio with EzeGym. It integrates valuable features such as class scheduling, appointment making, member records, account freezing, account renewal, etc. This is the only management software you need to flourish your yoga studio.

Proficient Yoga Studio Management Software

How EzeGym will help your Yoga Studio flourish?

A convenient experience for everyone

A convenient experience for everyone

Using our yoga class scheduling software will facilitate convenience for you and your customers. You can schedule classes in no time and keep your customers updated about any changes in regards to cancellations, time changes, etc. Your customers can book classes anytime and anywhere and will get real-time updates and will enjoy peace of mind. Yoga membership management software maintains a record of all members and their activities.

Develop your brand image

Develop your brand image

EzeGym is customizable which means we can tailor the yoga studio software to reflect your unique personality. The clean interface and modern-looking calendars and pages give your business a modern appearance that attracts more customers. This distinct appearance is also helpful in developing your brand image. Plus, it runs varied marketing campaigns coupled with word of mouth which builds your brand image and brings in more customers.

A brilliant aid in Inventory management

A brilliant aid in Inventory management

Inventory management is a big challenge for yoga instructors. One may think it’s just a few yoga mats but it’s not, a yoga studio includes a lot of props and material. While you are focusing on making the lives of your customers better, you will have one less thing to worry about. EzeGym will help you manage all your yoga mats, blocks, and other inventory across all your branches.

Growth with detailed insights

Growth with detailed insights

EzeGym provides you with the valuable insights you need to make business decisions and track your improvement. You get detailed reports about all aspects of your business that allows you to make better decisions and boost your profitability. Yoga booking system provides customers with an option to freeze their accounts for some time. Then, they can pay for the packages they choose upon renewing the account. This freedom to book classes and pay encourages member retention.

Small details, big impact - Experience the difference with EzeGym

  • payment Integrations

    Payment Integrations

    With EzeGym integration with payment processing platforms like Stripe and Square, you can maintain ownership of your members' payment information.

  • max-capacity classes

    Max Capacity Classes

    Easily manage capacity requirements by implementing online class registration that limits the number of students allowed per class.

  • works on any device

    Works on Any Device

    Control your gym from your desktop, or while on the move with your mobile device.

  • lead-capture and conversion tracking

    Lead Capture and conversion tracking

    You can use lead capture forms on your website and landing pages to attract potential customers. With this , you can convert them into fully-fledged members.

  • run a referral program

    Run a Referral Program

    Setting up a referral program at a gym or fitness center is a great way to attract new students.

  • mass member messaging

    Mass Member Messaging

    To keep your member base informed, you can send emails and text messages either to the entire membership or to specific groups based on program, rank,

  • mass check in

    Mass check-in

    With EzeGym’s mass check-in feature, you can quickly take roll call for busy classes, which reduces your administrative workload.

  • booking reminders

    Booking reminders

    Ensure that individuals are reminded to attend their scheduled appointments through automated booking reminders and calendar invitations.

  • product management

    Product management

    EzeGym gives you the convenience of selling your products at your gym or online, managing your inventory effortlessly, and tracking your invoices seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does management software work for a yoga studio?
A yoga studio has a plethora of operations like booking, scheduling, billing, reports, inventory management, revenue, marketing, etc. Yoga studio booking software will help you digitize all these activities and leave plenty of time on your hands to focus on important aspects. EzeGym is an all-in-one management software capable of managing and performing all yoga studio tasks with ease and much more.
What is EzeGym best for?
EzeGym is packed with features and works best for harmonizing and optimizing every aspect of your yoga studio operations. It assists you in keeping track of all activities across departments and provides thorough reports that you may use to gauge your development.
How can EzeGym help enhance the profitability of my yoga studio?
EzeGym gives a professional appeal to your yoga studio that draws more customers. It also minds the overall revenue and provides detailed information about the expenditure and you can save by managing your expenses. Plus, it has integrated marketing campaigns that focus on retaining and attracting more customers. All these practices together can result in a significant increase in the profitability of your Yoga studio.
Does this software allow transferring data from another software?
Yes, with the import and export option, transferring data becomes straightforward with EzeGym. You can transfer data from other software, departments, or even other yoga branches if you have any.
How many payment gateways does this software provide?
When it comes to payment, EzeGym has integrated all widely used payment gateways, so you will undoubtedly find your favorite payment option. Furthermore, SSL encryption is used throughout to ensure the security of all transactions.
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