Agile Dance Studio Management Software

Let us build your business while you work on your customers’ dance moves. Streamline all your dance studio operations with flexible dance studio scheduling software. Keep an eye on everything from members to staff and receive well-crafted reports about the working of all the departments.

agile dance studio management software

How EzeGym is the perfect addition to your dance studio?

efficient appointment management

Efficient appointment management

EzeGym makes it simple to manage the customer's appointments. This advanced booking software for dance studios enables online appointment booking that is available around the clock. You can confirm these appointments according to a suitable time slot and provide a detailed schedule along with other requirements. Customers have choices for individual sessions and personal training with this dance studio booking software. Plus, the calendar feature makes it simple to reserve lessons according to the ideal schedule. You can see EzeGym is the only dance class management software you need to simplify your class management.

automated billing and accounting

Automated billing and accounting

Billing and accounting is a detail-oriented procedure for any business and it can be time-consuming when done manually. This also makes it prone to mistakes and omissions that can cause differences while creating profits or expenditure reports. With our dance studio accounting software, these processes can be made super efficient as they’ll be automated. It will allow you to track all the transactions, create bills and maintain proper records. Plus, dance studio billing software is in line with the accounting and taxation compliance requirements so you can bid goodbye to all your worries about that too.

inventory and location management

Inventory and location management

Just like how coordination and timing are important in dance, it’s also of the essence in managing a dance studio. If you run a dance studio with multiple locations managing them can be bothersome if you don’t have a system in place. Well, EzeGym is an efficient dance studio CRM software that implements an automated system to manage your branches from a single location. This dance studio database software will take away all your inventory management woes as it fully automates your inventory system. Having an integrated point-of-sale system you will get timely updates about sales, merchandise, deliveries, and inventory levels.

boost the productivity and profitability

Boost the productivity and profitability

EzeGym is all about making your dance studio more efficient and it makes it possible with a long list of amazing features. Right from the start, this dance studio registration software streamlines your booking and payment system. Informing you about every little detail in progress and keeping thorough records, EzeGym enhances the overall productivity of your studio. This customisable dance studio management software brings all the control to your hand and you can paint it in your business’s colour. It will help you present your authentic self to your customers and set your unique identity apart from the competition. This helps you establish your brand and attract more sales.

Small details, big impact - Experience the difference with EzeGym

  • payment Integrations

    Payment Integrations

    With EzeGym integration with payment processing platforms like Stripe and Square, you can maintain ownership of your members' payment information.

  • max-capacity classes

    Max Capacity Classes

    Easily manage capacity requirements by implementing online class registration that limits the number of students allowed per class.

  • works on any device

    Works on Any Device

    Control your gym from your desktop, or while on the move with your mobile device.

  • lead-capture and conversion tracking

    Lead Capture and conversion tracking

    You can use lead capture forms on your website and landing pages to attract potential customers. With this , you can convert them into fully-fledged members.

  • run a referral program

    Run a Referral Program

    Setting up a referral program at a gym or fitness center is a great way to attract new students.

  • mass member messaging

    Mass Member Messaging

    To keep your member base informed, you can send emails and text messages either to the entire membership or to specific groups based on program, rank,

  • mass check in

    Mass check-in

    With EzeGym’s mass check-in feature, you can quickly take roll call for busy classes, which reduces your administrative workload.

  • booking reminders

    Booking reminders

    Ensure that individuals are reminded to attend their scheduled appointments through automated booking reminders and calendar invitations.

  • product management

    Product management

    EzeGym gives you the convenience of selling your products at your gym or online, managing your inventory effortlessly, and tracking your invoices seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dance studio management software?
It’s a management software that helps digitalise all your dance studio operations and takes away all the management hassles. Everything can be controlled and accessed through a single software, from reservations and payments to records and reports. Additionally, it will help increase your dance studio's efficiency and profitability.
What is EzeGym best for?
EzeGym is packed with features and works best for harmonising and optimising every aspect of your dance studio functions. It assists you in keeping track of all your actions and provides thorough reports that you may use to gauge your development.
Does this software allow transferring data from different locations?
Yes, EzeGym helps you brilliantly merge and access the data of multiple locations from one powerful dashboard. This also involves the exchange of data with the import/export option.
How many payment gateways does this software provide?
When it comes to payment, EzeGym has got you covered. The dance studio registration software offers all the widely used payment gateways for the convenience of your customers. You can rest assured that no customer will leave because they didn’t find their preferred payment method. Moreover, the security is taken care of as all the transactions are SSL encrypted for the peace of mind of your customers.
Can I integrate this software with my website?
Yes, you can integrate your website features independently with the software. Moreover, EzeGym helps you set up website pages with incredible navigation and an attractive interface.
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