With EzeGym exceptional features, you can work smarter. Payment criteria, member records, digital signatures, and reporting can be managed smartly with outstanding market growth.

Features of Ezegym Software


Payment criteria

EzeGym provides easy payment options using different gateways options for customers. New, revised and recurring payments can be checked through EzeGym. Date, membership and payment modes can also be checked


Member’s records

EzeGym allows you to keep a record of each customer associated with the wrestling industry. The customer’s activities can be tracked through RFID.


Digital signatures

EzeGym software manages digital signatures features/ functions through which the members can read the agreement with the wrestling industry. This agreement can be accepted digitally with multiple guidelines.



Reporting of every department is a must for the rapid market growth and to make market decisions. After evaluating a large number of reports, you will not let go any chance to collaborate with EzeGym.

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  • Fitness World
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  • Lion Den
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  • The Dance Unity
  • Daning Soul
  • Doctor Fitness
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