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Upgrade your payment system for a better one that simplifies your operations and takes away the workload. EzeGym is a reliable POS system to handle your customers’ data and money with care. Let us automate your payment system and resolve all your worries about security and customer convenience.

gym point of sale software

Enable secure and fast transactions

make-payment easy for customers

Make payment easy for customers

From grabbing a customer’s attention and getting them to book your service a lot of factors can affect their decision. But if your gym point of sale system is not user-friendly itself it will definitely drive away your potential customers. For instance, it’s highly likely for a customer to leave if they do not find their preferred payment method. It’s just a lost opportunity that can be prevented with EzeGym as it integrates all the major payment gateways. Our Gym POS software will make payment easy for your customers. Also, it is a great deal of convenience.

track and record everything

Track and record everything

Maintaining payment records is of the utmost importance and if you are following traditional bookkeeping methods, you must upgrade. Because the manual method is time-consuming and leaves room for mistakes that can be detrimental in the future. EzeGym automates your booking and payment system which maintains proper records of each transaction. You can pull payment history, and customer data, and also observe repeat customers through these records. Automated billing and bookkeeping system reduces the manual workload and is also in compliance with the latest taxation and regulatory requirements. To add to it all, it’s a cloud-based management system that is easily accessible and secure against any breach attacks.

fast and secure transactions

Fast and secure transactions

Ensuring the security of your clients’ sensitive data is one of the best things you can do for your business. No client would want to book your services if your payment system is laggy and not secure. These things are crucial when it comes to building customer relationships and they have a direct impact on your brand’s image. All your payment-related concerns can be resolved with our management system. EzeGym has multiple layers of security as it goes through a two-step authentication process. Plus, all the transactions are SSL encrypted to keep the valuable information of your clients secure. Not to forget the transactions done through EzeGym are completed rapidly without any delay or inconsistencies.

automate your payment system

Automate your payment system

EzeGym brilliantly adds to your existing operations by introducing an automated payment system. This involves automated billing, accounting, and financial reporting, making it multiple times efficient. Automating your payment system will give you freedom from keeping heaps of records and filling out manual bills and books. Plus, you’ll be able to manage all your payments from a single screen. On top of that the Studio POS software will send automated reminders for payment and reservations. The online booking and these reminders do reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations. So, let this technological marvel ease your life as a fitness and wellness business.

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