Adept Gymnastics Management Software

Improve your online presence and make a name for yourself in the fitness and wellness domain. With a user-friendly interface, bring an authentic experience to your customers and streamline your operations to achieve optimal growth. This cloud-based gymnastics class scheduling software is the perfect solution for your gymnastics management woes.

adept gymnastics management software

EzeGym to take your gymnastics business to the next level

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

EzeGym is a customisable gymnastics class management software that can be made completely yours. It will vocalise your unique presence and help you establish your brand in the fitness and wellness industry. Having features such as account freezing, renewal, promotions, etc, EzeGym helps you register a distinctive presence. Moreover, with progress tracking and carefully curated workout/diet charts, you can be with your customer every step of the way to their goals. This personalised attention increases your value among the customers and preaches a positive word of mouth improving your image in the competitive market.

enjoy a hassle-free management system

Enjoy a hassle-free management system

Varied advanced features like automatic invoice generation, payment renewal reminders, reporting, birthday management, etc are at your disposal to flourish your gymnastics classes. The gymnastics management software makes inventory and people management a cakewalk with a homogenised system that binds all the departments together. Manage your classes and staff from a powerful dashboard and get detailed reports about the activities to make required changes. This allows you to keep track of your equipment across branches and promptly correct any errors.

Empower your customers

Empower your customers

Your customers should feel comfortable and valued opting for your services as they are aligning their fitness goals with you. The gymnastics registration software gives them the convenience and freedom to search and book their desired classes. To add to it, EzeGym increases your reach so you will be available where your customers are searching for your services. With everything assorted neatly your customers will quickly find the right classes for them and book them instantaneously. Plus, gymnastics club management software incorporates all major payment methods which further adds to their convenience.

Integrated marketing campaigns for faster growth

Integrated marketing campaigns for faster growth

Apart from taking care of your business's overall management, EzeGym also undertakes your business’s growth. It accomplishes this by employing multiple marketing factors including a Point of sale system, reporting, automated SMSs & emails, and offers & promotions. The advanced Gymnastics POS system helps track your members and sales and provides detailed reports for you to analyse your growth. Plus, EzeGym helps maintain great customer relations with automated messaging and emails. Gymnastics billing and payment software gives your business a professional impression that works to attract new customers and help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Small details, big impact - Experience the difference with EzeGym

  • payment Integrations

    Payment Integrations

    With EzeGym integration with payment processing platforms like Stripe and Square, you can maintain ownership of your members' payment information.

  • max-capacity classes

    Max Capacity Classes

    Easily manage capacity requirements by implementing online class registration that limits the number of students allowed per class.

  • works on any device

    Works on Any Device

    Control your gym from your desktop, or while on the move with your mobile device.

  • lead-capture and conversion tracking

    Lead Capture and conversion tracking

    You can use lead capture forms on your website and landing pages to attract potential customers. With this , you can convert them into fully-fledged members.

  • run a referral program

    Run a Referral Program

    Setting up a referral program at a gym or fitness center is a great way to attract new students.

  • mass member messaging

    Mass Member Messaging

    To keep your member base informed, you can send emails and text messages either to the entire membership or to specific groups based on program, rank,

  • mass check in

    Mass check-in

    With EzeGym’s mass check-in feature, you can quickly take roll call for busy classes, which reduces your administrative workload.

  • booking reminders

    Booking reminders

    Ensure that individuals are reminded to attend their scheduled appointments through automated booking reminders and calendar invitations.

  • product management

    Product management

    EzeGym gives you the convenience of selling your products at your gym or online, managing your inventory effortlessly, and tracking your invoices seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gymnastic management software?
As the name suggests, gymnastics management software is a powerful tool to streamline all your gymnastics operations. You can digitalise your booking and payment systems which can enhance the productivity and profitability of your gymnastics business. A single software can help you track and record all the activities and present detailed reports for you to keep an eye on every aspect. Our software is competent in performing and managing all your gymnastic business operations and much more.
What is EzeGym best for?
With its wealth of capabilities, EzeGym is ideal for coordinating and streamlining all facets of your gymnastics business operations. It helps you keep track of all activities taking place across departments and offers comprehensive reports you may use to assess your progress.
How can EzeGym help enhance the profitability of my gymnastic business?
EzeGym is a fantastic gymnastics class management software that gives your business a professional appearance and attracts more consumers. It also keeps track of overall revenue, gives thorough information about expenditures and allows you to save costs. Additionally, it runs integrated marketing campaigns with an emphasis on engaging new and existing consumers. Your gymnastics company's profitability can rise significantly with the use of this feature-rich software.
Can this software help me manage my gymnastics branches?
Of course, EzeGym provides a brilliant branch integration function in which you can manage all your locations from a single screen. It offers seamless data transfer and communication among the branches and ensures perfect harmony.
How does EzeGym handle payment?
EzeGym is an all-inclusive gymnastics management software that integrates all widely used payment gateways. You can rest assured that your customers will find their desired payment method in the long list. Additionally, all the transactions are secured with SSL encryption so safety is also taken care of.
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