Gym Appointment Booking System

Customers can schedule their appointments at a single place with the help of EzeGym software. Effective appointment scheduling is provided for customers to feel authorized and control over time.

Gym Appointment Booking System

EzeGym Features

Membership Signup

Online signups and memberships

  • The software automates your signup process and increases your membership numbers with seamless website integration.
  • You can inquire about EzeGym by just signing up and check out all the features and benefits.
  • Being a membership customer can help you, even more, to attain more facilities like, you can check whether new plans, services, and the packages are added and can gain access.
Online Bookings

Online Bookings

  • The software provides a benefit of online class reservations and checks schedules and shows them all in the calendar module. So, booking is made simple.
  • Whether your schedule is simple or complex, EzeGym is dynamic enough to manage your calendar with ease.
  • Online bookings can be done easily for one to one sessions, for managing different classes, and will help your business to grow.
Integration of Website and software

Integration of Website and software

  • EzeGym can be integrated with website and software.
  • Customer can access the plans, services, packages, class timings, check-in check-out from the website as well.

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EzeGym offers effective solutions when there is a matter of optimizing the customer experience. We take care of your business so that you can take care of your customers and fulfill the unique challenges.

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