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EzeGym makes your booking and scheduling effective so you don’t stay behind in serving your clients. Use our powerful Gym Appointment management software to stay updated and serve your clients with the best.

Gym Appointment Booking System

Enjoy a hassle-free gym scheduling system

one screen to manage it all

One screen to manage it all

With a long list of clients booking appointments for different services, it can get messy scheduling for all the appointments. EzeGym resolves this issue by streamlining your Gym booking and scheduling system. It helps you prepare custom calendars for individual customers to update them about the classes and other important information. Your customers can also edit their calendars and you’ll be informed about it, bringing you both on the same page. The best part is that you can do all this on a single screen through the powerful dashboard of EzeGym. It gives you access to all the information you need to schedule all your appointments and make last-minute adjustments if needed.

authorise your staff to schedule

Authorise your staff to schedule

Any typical fitness and wellness business has different departments for varied services to ensure smooth operations. However, if you are handling the appointments and scheduling for all the departments alone it can be tiring and also surface management problems. You can combat this issue by authorising your staff but keeping a check on it can be difficult if you don’t have a system in place. EzeGym is the ideal gym appointment scheduling solution for this. It allows you to authorise your staff to make appointments and you get all the details about their activities. Meaning you can access their login information and you can also allow or restrict their login authorisation.

make scheduling easy for clients

Make scheduling easy for clients

When scheduling an appointment you have to consider both your and your client’s situation in terms of availability and time. EzeGym makes this conversation super easy by giving the clients the power to schedule their appointments at their convenience and you get notified automatically. They can also book separate training sessions with a personal trainer. By establishing such a scheduling system, you’ll be informed about everything in real-time and it will take away the problems caused due to miscommunication. With this, EzeGym allows you to schedule their classes as per their requirements. Plus, you’ll be able to adjust any cancellations and clear the schedule for other appointments.

stay updated on everything

Stay updated on everything

EzeGym digitalises all your fitness and wellness business operations and the all-inclusive Appointment Scheduling software provides real-time updates about all the activities. From booking and registration to payment and cancellation, everything is recorded and presented to you in proper reports. This allows you to stay on top of all the operations and make adjustments to the schedules as required maintaining the flow of the workings. Apart from scheduling you can also track the progress of your customers and guide them on every step of their journey. With this, you can provide personalised service gaining the trust of your customers in the process. You can do this all with a single software such as the power of EzeGym.

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