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EzeGym is a cloud-based management system that will help you streamline your operations and boost your client base and ultimately profits. Never miss a chance to please your customers be it through customer relations, exciting offers, or quality services. Use this powerful tool to up your marketing game.

gym and studio marketing software

Give your customers the value they deserve

Be Where The Clients Are

Be where the clients are

To attract more customers and realize sales your accessibility should be sorted. If you are not where your customers are looking for your services then you will simply miss out on them. And imagine losing customers just because you couldn’t provide them with their preferred payment gateway which is another integral part of accessibility. EzeGym makes it easy for people to access your business, plus it helps get your business in front of potential customers. Its automated features preach the right offer to the right audience at the right time to convert maximum sales.

Heighten Your Customer Retention

Heighten your customer retention

Needless to say, retaining customers is crucial but without the right tools, it’s a difficult job. EzeGym equips you with the right tools and resources to elevate your customer retention rate. Another aspect that aids in retaining customers is maintaining good relations with them. The management software has automated marketing campaigns, in which automated and personalized messages are sent to the customers to keep them engaged. Often this also helps create a positive impression and win back lost customers. Additionally, the marketing campaign also includes a newsletter subscription that imparts knowledge about the software and improves engagement.

Hassle-free accounting

Reviews and referrals

Reviews are generally the first point of contact when a customer wants to know about the services of your business. It’s one aspect which can invite or put off a lot of potential customers depending on the kind of reviews you have. Meaning it’s important that you check your reviews and pay attention to what people are saying and take remedial measures if necessary. EzeGym asks for direct feedback from customers about your services and records these reviews. Many customers also recommend your services and you can reward them to appreciate and motivate others to do the same. It improves your brand image and facilitates healthy worth of mouth bringing in more business opportunities.

Promotions and offers

Promotions and offers

Attracting new customers is an integral part of marketing and it is difficult to get it right. With EzeGym you can leave all your worries about gaining more customers behind because it appeals to the masses in multiple ways. From giving a professional appearance to the business to enhancing the website’s functionality, it expands your reach. Integrated marketing campaigns are another prospect for increasing your profitability. These campaigns include exciting promotions and offers like gift certificates, referral rewards, and discounts that are inducing and can turn many heads. Apart from the offers, there’s an automated messaging system that works to maintain customer relations and keep them engaged, furnishing a greater customer base.

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EzeGym offers effective solutions when there is a matter of optimizing the customer experience. We take care of your business so that you can take care of your customers and fulfill the unique challenges.

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