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Commit to be fit! Introducing EzeGym to take care of your business anytime from one screen. The software is designed uniquely and the features are good enough. It can be easily managed by a newbie or a not-tech person. Ezegym takes care of your business to take care of your customers. Fill your schedule! Add, modify, pre-book and check.

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Gym Management Software

EzeGym software is crafted to provide easy management to our customers. We help our customers with business management features to reach their goals with ease. The versatile EzeGym is a feature-packed software and caters business management tools to run your operations efficiently and smoothly. We understand our customer’s culture, needs, objectives, and identity. EzeGym is fabricated to fit in a range of your business requirements and as a guarantee to you, we adjust the features to develop the best gym management software. We provide complete membership management which allows keeping track of the records of its members.

Unique Features of Gym Management System

  • Run On Clouds / Web Server Or Local Server
  • Invoice Generate Automatically
  • Accounts Freezing And Renewal
  • Digital Signature
  • Advanced Billing System With Discounts, Fees Etc.
  • Innovative UI And Simple To Us
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Supported(Use Software Anywhere Anytime)
  • Manages Small Gym To Enterprise Chains Of Gyms
  • Business Intelligence Reporting On Income, Members And Packages.
  • RFID-Enabled
  • Recurring Payment options
Gym Management

Manage your Business from anywhere

  • Manage your business using the Internet from anywhere in this sphere
  • Invest in hardware, like, phones, tablets, laptops, etc to check the functionality
  • Access and check the functionality of your gym
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Features of Gym Management Software

  • GST enabled software
  • Run on clouds / web server or local server
  • Invoice Generate Automatically
  • Accounts Freezing and Renewals
  • Member ID card Printing
  • Advanced Billing System with discounts, fees etc
  • Innovative UI and simple to use
  • Responsive Design (use software anywhere anytime)
  • Birthday Management
Gym Management System

Understanding Human Experience

Few attributes to Share

  • Import/ Export Data Easily
  • Manages Small Gym to Enterprise Chains Of Gyms
  • Monthly Revenue Report
  • Business Intelligence Reporting on income, members & packages
  • Member/ receptionist Login module
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payment and Renewal Alerts
  • Less price, More reliable
  • Assessment / workout and diet management with print
  • Member expiration/ Unpaid member alert
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UI is simple and innovative that strives for consistency and maximizes the functionality.
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