Prepaid Credit

All-in-one EzeGym software provides multiple and easy payment gateways. Sell your Gym product and services and get the payment in bank/wallet accounts with ease. You can easily redeem your money through EzeGym.

Prepaid Credit

EzeGym Features

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

  • EzeGym provides easy payment Gateway and Multiple payment processors with Payment Reminders to the members.
  • This all-in-one software helps you to manage the payment and boost the business.
  • It formalizes the process for your members.
Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

  • EzeGym Software supports the Digital Signature functionalities where members can read the agreement with the Gym/ Health Centre and can digitally accept the terms and conditions.
  • The unique fingerprint data in the digital signature remain embedded permanently in the document.
  • Digital signatures provide better integrity, security, traceability, and authenticity of the documents using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
Adaptation Of Local And Customized Gateways

Adaptation of local and customized gateways

  • EzeGym software adapts local and customized gateways.
  • It supports Stripe and Paypal as a payment Gateway, but the software can accept other modes as well.
  • Also, local payment gateways can be integrated with the software.
Recurring Payment for Memberships

Recurring Payment for Memberships

  • This option offers convenience to the customers to pay through their native currency like in Stripe or Paypal.
  • It also supports other payment modes that can be customized based on requirements.
  • Under the recurring payment, the software easily keeps track of the next payment and deducts from the member’s account automatically.
Recurring Payment For memberships

Account Freezing and Renewal

  • EzeGym provides a facility to the customers to freeze and renew their plans accordingly.
  • Customers can freeze their plan for a specified amount of time and can renew the plan and pay for them.

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